About Our Billing Service

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About Our Billing Service


Electronic billing helps you get paid faster by ensuring accuracy while automating and streamlining your entire billing and collections process.

Here are some services included in our billing service:

  • Setup and customization of Practice Management for seamless integration of PM and Billing
  • Advanced scrubbing of claims to ensure clean claims
  • Claim submission
  • Denial Managemen
  • Follow-up
  • Payment Posting
  • Patient Statements
  • Administration


We set up your PM and Billing accounts completely with the following:

  • All practice locations (outpatient and inpatient)
  • All insurance
  • Your practice's most commonly used codes
  • Fee schedules
  • Contract with clearinghouse
  • Enrollment and set up for Electronic Funds Transfer/ Direct Deposit
  • Enrollment for Electronic Remittance Advice


To save you time, we offer these conveniences:

  • Encounter forms are printed with pre-populated patient information
  • You can upload all documents (superbills, facesheets, ID and insurance cards, etc.) into system for easy access and quick reference.


To save you time, we offer these conveniences:

  • Work from anywhere
  • Data is backed up continuously
  • Data is stored securely
  • Updates are included with the service
  • No hardware or software to buy
  • Low overhead costs


From the time a patient makes an appointment and comes in, most of the information required on the claim form has been pre-populated. The information that is added is also scrubbed to check for accuracy. Procedure codes, diagnosis codes and charges are entered into our system and populate automatically, leaving no room for mistakes. We track each claim and follow-up as necessary.

We also offer additional services such as Credentialing and EMR. Please contact us for more information regarding these additional services.

Implementation   *Training   *Support   *Customization

In addition to our IT products, the following are provided to each client:


We set up all services and accounts for you so that you can begin utilizing the applications right away.


We offer training to providers and their staff through webinars, videos, demos and manuals. Our products are easy to learn and use- you will be up and running in no time!


You can contact us by email or call us during business hours with any questions. We are available for any questions related to any of the software, applications and services.


Complete customization is included with the billing service to all clients. We set it up based on your specialty with your specifications and preferences.